Review: COMA CLUSTER VOID – “Mind Cemeteries”


Coma Cluster Void album art

Death metal, like any genre of music, needs a bit of a facelift every now and then. Bands like Gorguts, Pyrrhon and Ulcerate, to name a few, are all celebrated for their blatant disregard for death metal tradition and their willingness to take extreme risks in composition. It is acts like these that effectively push the genre forward and show that the possibilities are virtually endless. Experimental metal collective Coma Cluster Void is another one of these aforementioned bands whose approach to the genre pushes the envelope. This German/U.S./Canadian outfit’s debut release, Mind Cemeteries, builds upon what the progenitors of the technical and avant-garde established and creates a sound that is insurmountably intense, polarizing and unique to them alone. This fresh and wonderfully grotesque take on death metal  will bewilder and enthrall those who thought the genre couldn’t get any more insane.

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