Review: LIKE RATS – “II”



If you grew up with your teenage years filtered through the horridness of the early 2000s deathcore genre, you’ve probably ended up watching or being shown a hypothetical YouTube video titled “HARDEST DEATHCORE BREAKDOWNS OF 2008” or something similar. This hypothetical video was most likely a cacophony of monotonously rhythmic, one-note chug sections, driven out of a slew of now-dead bands that existed as a physical manifestation of that one-note monotony. Like Rats is a band that’s sort of like that video, except that their hypothetical video is entitled “HARDEST RIFFS OF 80s/90s EXTREME METAL” and it’s a chopped and screwed mash-up rather than a straight compilation. And by that charge, Like Rats do not fall into the same pit of ruin. Their one-note monotony is replaced by personal vision and ambitions and is backed by adherence to the freshness, innovation and drive of a time where a Morbid Angel

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