FIRST FRAGMENT Streaming New Track “Émergence”



Canadian neoclassical-influenced tech death quintet First Fragment have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Dasein, at Heavy Blog is Heavy. The new track is titled “Émergence” and it features ridiculously complex, spiraling guitar work that is gloriously melodic and triumphant. Guitarist/vocalist Phil Tougas comments on the track:

“This track is extremely old [2008-2009’. Almost all of the songs on the album are either entirely written by myself or [guitarist] Gabriel Brault-Pilon, but this one was written as a full collaborative effort, hence the ridiculous amount of counterpoint in both guitar parts and basslines. It is not as neoclassically-influenced in the progressions and phrasing as the other tracks since the melodies present here channel a different atmosphere, but it is just as varied and relentless, and it is probably the most diverse track on the album when it comes to the vocals. Our signature high-pitched riffing style that we’ve had since 2007 is present throughout the whole…

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