Moongates Guardian – The Eagle’s Song

The Lizard in Black

You ever have an album that you acknowledge that on a somewhat objective level is total trash, but you still love the shit out of it anyway? And not just in the “so good it’s bad” or in the “it’s bad but really fun” way. But like in a way where the album is so unique and quirky, so full of both insane stupidity, and immense brilliance, that it turns what should be shit into absolute magic? This is The Eagle’s Song. On the one hand, it’s a Lord of the Rings / Summoning worship (which I guess is the same thing if we’re being honest) that for the most part, is slightly over the top, but a tad generic. Like, higher end generic, but generic nonetheless. But that’s only like 40% of the album. The rest is some kind of fucking experience. The vocals are completely fucking trash. It’s…

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