Subetroth – Native Alien

The Lizard in Black

Hoooly shit this is massive. Just like, a fucking fireball of sound coming right for your fucking face. This is easily the heaviest record I’ve heard this year. The guitars are tuned to the lowest possible frequency, giving it the djent quality without sounding too clean. I love the slight intermixing of clean vocals at the right times here, gives you just a little break without sounding over-dramatic. It’s nice that while this record is hugely sludgey and destructive with it’s screeched vocals and crushing guitars, there is just a little bit of thought put into the music, with it’s emotional climaxes, and at certain times, a semblance of songwriting. But of course, that’s not the point of Native Alien. The point is to skull fuck you until you’re so fucked in the head (literally) that you beg for more. The record rapes you to the point where it’s not…

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