Ferium – Behind the Black Eyes

The Lizard in Black

To be honest, for the large majority of this record, I feel like I just don’t have too much of an opinion other than it sounds great. I was really trying to determine what kind of hardcore this is, or if it’s just groove metal. In the end I figured it doesn’t matter, although I guess it’s more groove metal. In general it was just a good album that had some good riffs, good vocals, and was solid all around, but the tracks were a bit too short, and there wasn’t too much meat here. And then A Free Man happened. That is legitimately the greatest groove metal track I’ve ever heard. That main riff still haunts me as I write this. I didn’t think it was possible for chugs to make me nearly cry, but fuck it happened man. It’s like super emotional, but it doesn’t seem forced like…

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