PICK OF THE WEEK: Mamiffer push toward connection with loss on haunting ‘The World Unseen’

Meat Mead Metal

MamifferWe’ve all dealt with loss in one way or another. Whether that was the passing of a loved one, employment being taken away, or a devastating defeat, something at one time or another has impacted us greatly and left us wondering about ourselves. It’s not the easiest or most comfortable time, yet the event is not without something that could result in positive personal or psychological value.

How one copes with or reacts to loss can determine how the event ultimately affects the rest of your existence. That’s the driving theme of “The World Unseen,” the great new album from Mamiffer that just might be the gentlest Pick of the Week to date. But that’s just from the way the music feels, as the thematic material packs a massive punch and can have you reeling. But no worries, as there are plenty of places to land and collect yourself before…

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