The Aesthetic discuss Abandoned Homes and more

The Pacific Northwest; generally pigeon-holed into the “oh my god starbucks and grunge and Kurt Cobain yesss” aesthetic on first glance. Once you peel back the layers of the area however, this area is a breeding ground for so many different genres and walks of life. Alternative Rock artists The Aesthetic grabbed me with their mystery, as I wandered through the story told through their EP Abandoned Homes. Looking to understand more, I spoke to the guys about the story behind their most recent release and get to know a little more about them as a band.

Congrats on the release of Abandoned Homes! Can you tell us about the story or theme behind the EP?

The story comes from experiences from the perspective of myself and a few individuals close to me. The story starts with a girl who is clearly troubled within her mind. She suffers from disorders…

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