Moonsorrow’s folk-led Pagan metal bursts with rustic energy on charging new ‘Jumalten aika’

Meat Mead Metal

MoonsorrowSpring has arrived here in North America, and while it might be snowing and blustery as I write this, it won’t be long until every day is warm, nature explodes, and sojourns into the woods are incredible adventures once again. I thought about that a lot as I threw myself into new music by Moonsorrow, their first album in a half decade.

I’m generally not a major listener to Euro folk-infused metal, not that I harbor any ill will toward it. It just generally isn’t my cup of tea, but there definitely are major exceptions such as Finnish dreamers Moonsorrow. On “Jumalten aika,” the band’s new, seventh album, they offer up more material that feels like it’ll settle perfectly during day-long trips into nature, with green and animal life swelling the experience. You practically can imagine the sticks and leaves crackling under your feet during these five tracks, as…

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