PICK OF THE WEEK: Cobalt’s back from the ashes, devastate like never before on ‘Slow Forever’

Meat Mead Metal

CobaltThere are bands that really need no introduction and whose reputations precede them. Whether that’s for good or bad. Cobalt is kind of a mix of the two. They are well known for delivering emotional, savage, raw opuses, which they’ve managed to do for the past decade. Yet for the past two years, a darker pall came over the band for entirely different reasons.

Cobalt have two amazing documents to their resume, that being their 2007 sophomore effort “Eater of Birds” and 2009’s Hemingway- and Hunter S. Thompson-inspired “Gin,” my absolute favorite album of that year. In fact, it’s an album that’s had utmost importance to me ever since it arrived, and it is one of those stranded-on-a-desert-island choices for music I’d demand to have with me. The band even briefly toured, hitting up 2013’s Maryland Deathfest for an unforgettable set, and taking a short jaunt after that. Yet, trouble…

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