Black thrashers Destroyer 666 rage back with fire and purpose on blazing new album ‘Wildfire’

Meat Mead Metal

Photo by Ester Segarra Photo by Ester Segarra

Recently I had a reunion with some old friends with whom I used to work, and it was funny just how little people had changed. Not in a bad way at all. It just kind of felt like I had just seen some of these people a few weeks ago when, in reality, I had not been in the same room with them for years.

That clumsy example is how I’m opening up my look at “Wildfire,” the long-awaited new record from Destroyer 666, the Aussie black thrashers who are some of the rowdiest in the game. It’s been seven long years since the band’s last record “Defiance” dropped on us with unmistakable force, and in that time, so many things have changed within metal itself that it’s a much different place from the world that Destroyer 666 left. Yet here they are, all these…

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