Frozen Ocean’s atmosphere-rich black metal cuts with emotion on EP ‘The Prowess of Dormition’

Meat Mead Metal

Frozen OceanYou’re pretty busy, right? Lots of work to do. In the middle of another long, demanding week where it feels like things never will come to an end. We’ve all been there, Ace, and it’s not like you’re the only one with a bunch of things to do. In fact, your whining is so inane, Russian multi-instrumentalist Vaarwell is laughing at you somewhere in the wilderness.

See, with his amazing Frozen Ocean project, the man has managed to release 11 full-length efforts since 2011. Yeah. In five years, he has put out more albums than some bands do in a lifespan, and his creative clip has been so prolific, he managed to get five of those records out in 2011 alone. What’s that again about your workload? The last album Vaarwell (also of Smothered Bowels, Goatpsalm) put out under this banner was last year’s “Prills of Remembrance,” and he’s…

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