PICK OF THE WEEK: Eight Bells mix incredible drama and infectious playing into dynamic ‘Landless’

Meat Mead Metal

Eight Bells_veleda_thorssonSequels can be hit or miss. Actually, if we’re being totally honest here, sequels generally are way more miss than hit. A lot of times they are created not necessarily because the creator has more to say, but instead to reap in the cash awards that will come with droves of people wanting to see the follow-up. Therefore, substance takes a back seat to style.

But not all sequels are disappointments. Take, for instance, “Landless,” the new record from Portland-based band Eight Bells, who created this piece as the follow-up to their excellent debut “The Captain’s Daughter.” The person who was lost at sea last time has returned only to find no one is waiting on the other side. The idea is crushingly sad. If we’re equating this record with any movie sequel, you could make the argument that this is “Empire Fucking Strikes Back” levels of fulfilled anticipation…

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