PICK OF THE WEEK: Crippled Black Phoenix’s dark vision mixes with spacey tribute on ‘New Dark Age’

Meat Mead Metal

Crippled_Black_Phoenix-bandThe term “cinematic” gets whipped out there a lot when it comes to talking about music, and often times that descriptor actually fits. Music that wells up your feelings inside and make it seem like you’re in the middle of a great or dark adventure is enthralling and some of my favorite stuff to occupy my mind.

UK band Crippled Black Phoenix always has been one that has satisfied that whim when it comes to wanting something to sweep me off into the distance. Their style is huge and epic, yet they have an absolute darkness to them that doesn’t promise you a happy ending every time out. They’re not exactly a metal band, per se, though their style certainly can have a carryover effect the same way as a group such as MONO, and everything they put out is involved and demands the listener’s energy be devoted back…

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